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The most impressive way to experience magic is up close and personal. People enjoy being a part of the show and being able to see extraordinary things happen right before their eyes. Using everyday objects such as keys, coins and cards, Shawn will roam through your group as they mingle, fascinating everyone with his amazing sleight of hand. You might see coins move impossibly from one person to another or a signed playing card torn and miraculously mended in seconds. With a strolling magic performance, everyone can participate and see what they’ve only seen on TV or in the movies. This type of magic is perfect for all types of events and crowds of all sizes. Shawn’s unique talent and quick wit will be the talk of your event and will put a smile on every person’s face!


Invite Shawn to create a lively, professional, and unforgettable experience at your next event

(303) 810-1700


United States - Denver , CO, 80218